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  • Order books 24 hours a day
  • Purchase 2-100 copies at the 100 copy unit cost
  • No administrative fee after initial setup is paid
  • Orders normally shipped within 5 Business Days

It doesn't matter whether your initial print run was 100 or 10,000; there are times when you might need smaller print runs in a hurry. Thor printing allows you to do this. The Thor printing ordering system is available 24 hours a day through your Customer Resource Center. You simply enter the number of copies needed and click a few buttons and your order is sent to the printing press. Most orders are shipped within 5 Business Days. Unlike traditional reprints, Thor printing orders are processed automatically, with no extra administrative fees. The Thor copies vary slightly with the copies from your initial print run but not enough to make any real difference. Copies available through this system are printed with no proof and are exact reprints of what was originally uploaded to the Thor POD distribution system. Any correction you may have made to your printing files after the last upload will not be included. If you need to make corrections to your original file, you will need to call your representative. There is an additional charge for making corrections and uploading these corrected files.

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