Thor Distribution

POD Distribution

  • Access to wholesale outlets like Ingram and Baker & Taylor
  • Access to retail outlets like Amazon and Barnes & Noble
  • Author sets retail price
  • Profits paid monthly via Paypal

"We do not have that title in stock but I can order it for you and have it here in a day or two"

The above answer is delivered thousands of times per day in bookstores all over the country. It doesn't matter whether the title is published by Random House, Simon & Shuster or an Independent Publisher like you.... if it's not in stock... it's not in stock. There is only so much shelf space in any given store.

The key here is that the above answer is only given to the question, "Where would I find a copy of.....?" Only you, the publisher can make this happen. It's not magic. Buyers are not going to stumble upon your book. If you are going to be successful, buyers will be looking for your book. It's up to you to CREATE THE DEMAND.

Once the customer says, "Go ahead and order it", it doesn't make a bit of difference how the book actually makes it into that buyer's hands, as long as it gets there and the publisher gets paid.

THOR DISTRIBUTION is an inexpensive, low risk way to make your book available to virtually all the book wholesalers and retailers in the US as well as many in Western Europe.

*How much does it cost? The cost starts at $149 for one year of availability. (Each year after first year costs $19.95.)

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